JBS40 electric concrete mixer pump for sale

Concrete Mixer Pump For Sale

Concrete Mixer pump is a combination of concrete pump and concrete mixer. The concrete pump can mix or pump independently. Moreover, it can mix and pump at the same time. The concrete mixer with pump for sale has the features of light weight low cost and small power. The machine can be used for underfloor heating, guniting and building construction. In Aimix, we mainly provide diesel and electric concrete mixer pump for sale. What’s more, the clients can purchase the good equipment with proper output.

Features and Advantages of Concrete Mixer With Pump

1. When the concrete pump works, one operator can control it and finish the tasks. So that it saves cost of labor.

2. The machine has the function of screening. If there are many stones with large size, the machine will have a screening. When the amount of stones with large size less than 20%, the machine will start to work.

3. It is easy to replace the piston, because there is pull rail connection between the mixer and pump.

4. The matt outlet hole is one of the special designs, and it has the features of wear resistant and long service life.

5. The joints of the hydraulic pipe adopt American Eaton brand, so that the hydraulic system has reliable performance.

6. The concrete pump with mixer for sale is equipped with the relay integrated electric control system, which enables the machine to have high discharging efficiency.

7. The Vaulted crushing structure is equipped on the concrete pump, and the special design has the advantage of preventing clogging. So that the machine will have smooth running..

8. Austenitic manganese steels are the main raw material of S-valve, which has long working life.

concrete mixer pump for sale
concrete mixer pump for sale

Diesel and Electric Concrete Mixer Pump for Sale

Nowadays, there are diesel concrete mixer with pump and electric motor concrete pump with mixer for sale. The models of diesel type mainly include HBT0804-JZC200, JB30R-JZC350 and JB40R-JZC350, and the machines are very suitable for the place having a lack of power. The electric type of the machine can be widely used in where there is electricity. There are HBT0804-JZC200, JB30R-JZC350 and JB40R-JZC350 concrete pumps with mixer for sale in Aimix. The clients will choose the most suitable machine with the help of salesperson. Meanwhile, it is advisable to do the research about the project. So that the clients will benefit a lot when they select the types and mixers of the machine.

JB30R-JZC350 diesel concrete mixer pump for sale
JB30R-JZC350 diesel concrete mixer pump for sale

JB40R-JZC350 diesel concrete mixer pump for sale
JB40R-JZC350 diesel concrete mixer pump for sale

Technical Performance of Diesel Concrete Pump

Item Unit HBT0804-JZC200 JB30R-JZC350 JB 40R-JZC350
Rated Output m³/h 8 30 40
Max. Pressure On Concrete MPa 4 10 10
Delivery Cylinder mm 140×800 Ф140×1100 180×800
Main Oil Cylinder  Bore/Rod Diameter X Stroke mm Φ90/Φ65×800 Φ80/55×1200 Φ100/70×1000
Oil Tank Capacity L 100 250 350
Outlet Opening Diameter mm Φ150 Ф100 Φ150
Inner Dia. Of Delivery Pipe mm Φ125 Φ125 Φ125
Diesel Model CY1115(YANMAR) WEIFANG4100 DEUTZ
Diesel Power KW 29.4 62 82KW
Max. Diameter Of Aggregates mm 20 30 40
Maximum Delivery Horizontal Distance M 100 600 700
Maximum Delivery Vertical Distance M 30 120 150
Mixer Type JZC200 JZC350 JZC350
Capacity Of Charge L 200 560 560
Capacity Of Discharge L 300 350 350
Water Pump Motor Control Electromagnetic clutch Electromagnetic clutch Electromagnetic clutch
Diameter Of Drum mm 1000 1440 1440
Mixing Time s 45-60 45-60 45-60
Length ×Width ×Height mm 4120×2100×2600 5500×2300×2700 6000x2300x3150
Weight Kg 3000 5000 5200
JBS30 electric concrete mixer pump for sale
JBS30 electric concrete mixer pump for sale

JBS40 electric concrete mixer pump for sale
JBS40 electric concrete mixer pump for sale

Technical Performance of Electric Concrete Pump

Items Unit JBS30 JBS40
Max Theoretical Conveying Capacity m3/h 30 40
Max Exit Pressure Mpa 10 11
Concrete Cylinder bore * stroke mm Ф140×845 Φ160×1200
Main Oil Cylinder bore * stroke mm Φ80/55×845 Φ100/70×1200
Hydraulic Oil Tank Volume L 350 350
Exit Diameter mm Ф100 Φ150
Conveying Pipe Inner Diameter mm Ф100 Φ125
Motor Power KW 47.55 55.75
Max Aggregate Size mm 30 40
Max Horizontal Conveying Distance M 500 600
Max Vertical Conveying Distance M 120 150
Mixer Model JZC350 JZC350
Input Volume L 560 560
Output Volume L 350 350
Drum Diameter mm 1440 1440
Drum Rotary Speed (without load) rpm 18 18
Outline Dimension (L*W*H) mm 4200x2300x2600 4200x2300x2600
Weight Kg 4200 4500

Reasonable Concrete Mixer Pump Price Offered by Aimix

After reading the passage above, perhaps you are interested in the machines made in Aimix. And perhaps you would like to know the price of the machine as soon as possible. We promise that we will supply the favorable concrete mixer with pump price for the clients, for we Aimix is a reliable and reputable concrete mixer pump manufacturer and supplier.

Aimix was founded in 1983,which has developed as a leading enterprise. There are over 1000 manufacturers working in the factory that covers 60,000 square meters. Moreover, we have built a perfect management system, which guarantees that the machines provided by Aimix have high quality and acceptable price. What’s more, we provide the pre-sales service, sales service and after-sales service. So the clients will enjoy the first-class service when they need.

Concrete mixer pump for sale exported to Somalia
Concrete mixer pump for sale exported to Somalia

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