What Should be noticed during pumping

What Should Be Noticed During Pumping

When the concrete pump comes into operation, the speed of pumping should be increased little by little. We suggest that the pump works at low and constant speed at the beginning, so that the operator can deal with the emergency soon. Meanwhile, the operators should take care of the pumping pressure and working condition of each part of the machine. If all the parts work smoothly, the machine can pump at the normal speed. Here are some notes for clients:
1.Generally, the level of the concrete should be a bit higher than the axis of the mixing shaft. If there is less concrete in the mixer, stop pumping immediately.

2.The operator should adjust the feeding speed. If there are some large aggregates left on the reseau, the operators should clean them out.

3.Once the mixing shaft stops working due to something wrong, the machine should stop pumping. It is necessary to maintain the mixer at first.

4.If the mixture becomes segregative, please stop to pump after mixing them evenly again.

5.The operator had better not transport all the concrete out, if there is no more materials for feeding.

What Should be noticed during pumping
What Should be noticed during pumping

6.Generally, if the electric concrete pump stops pumping for a while and even longer time, it is advisable to stop mixing. When the machine starts to pump again, it is advisable to mix the materials before pumping.

7.During pumping, if the diesel concrete pump sucks air into the transporting pipe, the users should take measures for anti-pumping. After the concrete is sucked back into the hopper, it should be mixed again.

8.When pumping, the water tank and piston washing room should fill be full of water.

9.In summer, the operators should cover the pipe to prevent exposure in the sun, which will prevent from the pipe blockage. In winter, please take insulation measures to prevent from frozen pipe.

All in all, it is very necessary to do everything well mention above. All the notes ensure safe operation, and enable the small concrete pump to have longer service life.